It is very useful to know the rules of Power Blackjack

We have written many passages to introduce all kinds of poker games and many gamblers like to read our passages. We also want you to know the power Blackjack. This is another Blackjack poker game. You could read rules in the following. How do you learn these rules of Power Blackjack?

You can see in the following: A. the rules are the same as conventional blackjack, except where noted below. B. Six ordinary 52-card decks are used. C. Blackjack pays 3 to 2. D. The dealer stands on soft 17. F. Double after split allowed. G. No surrender. H. If the player has specified two-card totals then he may "Power Double. " In a Power Double, if the player does not like his third card, he may exchange it for the next card in the shoe. If the player invokes this option the unwanted double down card is put in the discard pile. I. With any other two cards, Water dispenser spy pin hole camera lens long distance except blackjack, the player may still do an ordinary double. J. If the player has any hard total of 15 or 16 (for example 10 and 6), then he may do a "Power Split. " A power split is just like an ordinary split, except the initial two cards do not have to be the same rank. K.

If the dealer busts with a total of 22, then all non-busted player hands will push. These rules can let you learn Power Blackjack game quickly. At the same time, you also can buy poker cheating products to do you a favor. These are very useful.





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